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well i want to tell you all that barbie is my bestest friendest in the hole wide worldest and she is the best pweson i no i love her to bits and pieces gosh when we get togheter we have to much freaken fun i mean look how much of losers we are i mean we spin in cirlces talk to random ppl adn meet weird ppl fromt he internet coughadraincough barb has only once truly hurt me and it wasnt really her ualt it was s tupid boys adrain... lol i love you adrain but it was your fault but you see that night got better when we met joshie and julian later so that was good  we been thre good and bad times and threw a few stalker craig and threw a couple or weeird times phadadishoda and are werid inside jokes person genius,chrismahannukakawsa,woo hooo, pink piant, not the shapest tool in the shed, loser ot louie my names jillian, thise are something we like no call *insiders* barb no offense to gina but im so happy i kinda started to hang out with you and not her nto that i dont totally love gina  but i love you more lol i love you more then anyone int he world i no a friendship can last for a long time because out of all the jambas we are the only 2 that stuck togeher i cant wait till saturday no that im not gunna talk to like 124 more times till them but still omg o cant beilve u called me at 6:30 this morning gosh jk i love you

YES, thats my retarted closet barb i still have the kiss marks

you look like you skipping

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